2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Writing HW due Tuesday, Sept. 1st:

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PostSubject: Writing HW due Tuesday, Sept. 1st:   Mon 24 Aug 2015, 4:11 pm

Technical Writing HW due Sept. 1st:
1.  Choose a song or poem that answers the question for you…WHAT WILL YOUR ‘VERSE’ BE?
2.  Print the poem (or song) out & include the TITLE & AUTHOR; come to class prepared to read it ALOUD with meaning & expression. 
3.  On another piece of paper, type out the following questions (copy & paste).  BE SURE TO answer them in COMPLETE SENTENCES; NO 1, 2, OR 3 WORD ANSWERS WILL BE ACCEPTABLE!  (TYPE EVERYTHING INCLUDING YOUR HEADING WHICH SHOULD BE IN THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER.  The heading needs to be on p. 1 only.  See an example of what your heading should look like below:)
Luke Hudgin
September 1, 2015
Technical Writing
Mrs. Terri Willoughby
1.  What will your “verse” be?  (or what legacy will you leave behind?)
2.  Give an explanation of why you chose this song and how it represents your “verse.”
3.  What is the theme (central message) of the poem or song?  In other words, what is the author trying to say?
4.   Who is the author’s target audience?  Who is he or she writing to?
5.   What is the tone or mood of the poem or song?
6.  Some poetry is difficult to understand, due to the language used.  Find any word(s) that you do not know the meaning of, and define.  *Be sure to use the definition that fits the context of the poem.  USE A GOOD DICTIONARY!
7.  Consult your poetic terms sheet and find at least one poetic term that is represented in your poem/song.  Identify the line, TYPE IT OUT, and cite the poetic term used. 
1.  Read “How to Write a Poem” (Steps 1-11 & Tips).
2. Using your song/”verse” as a springboard, write a poem based on the theme (message) of your song (must be a minimum of 16 lines).
3. Based on what you learned in “How to Write a Poem,” edit your poem...make changes!
4. Delete boring words and add more interesting ones.
5. Focus on using the senses to draw your audience in (see, hear, taste, touch, smell).
6. Use at least one poetic term…italicize it.  Read through and familiarize yourself with all of the poetic terms.  Challenge yourself to try a DIFFERENT poetic term in your poem each week!
7. Underline your vocabulary word.
8. Use concrete imagery and vivid descriptions.
9. Do you have a powerful message for the end of your poem?  The idea is to get your audience to ponder what you have written. 
10. Type out your ORIGINAL poem that you wrote.
11. Type out your revised version underneath the original.
12.  Be sure that your poem is titled!
13.  Bring your Class Expectations signed by both you & your parent (if you have not already done so!)
14.  You should come to class with 3 pages…
        a.  your song lyrics (a song is poetry put to music!)
        b.  questions above copy and pasted & answered in complete sentences
        c.  your original poem with title & underneath that, your revised, improved version. 

Happy Writing… scratch
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Writing HW due Tuesday, Sept. 1st:
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