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 Chem HW due 9/1:

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Chem HW due 9/1: Empty
PostSubject: Chem HW due 9/1:   Chem HW due 9/1: EmptyTue 25 Aug 2015, 5:10 pm

Due September 1st:
1.                            Finish reading module 1.
2.                            Complete Review Questions 5-10.

3.                            Complete Practice Problems 6-10.

4.                            Read through experiment 1.4. We will be performing this experiment in class next week. I will randomly select one student to explain how to perform the experiment, so read carefully enough that you would be able to do that. Take notes if you need to.
5.                            Create a data table where you can record the mass, volume and density of the three liquids in experiment 1.4. Bring this with you to class as you will need it for the experiment.
6.                            Write two paragraphs; one for each of the experiments we performed in class this morning. In your paragraphs, first share what the results of the experiments were. Then explain your results. Note: If you did not experience an expected result, explain why that might have happened. Relate each experiment to the concepts we were studying today. (Hint: How can you determine if something is matter or not?) This should be typed. Bring this with you to class next week.
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Chem HW due 9/1:
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