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 Chem HW due 9/8:

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Chem HW due 9/8: Empty
PostSubject: Chem HW due 9/8:   Chem HW due 9/8: EmptyTue 01 Sep 2015, 5:01 pm

Due September 8th:
1.                       Complete module 1 test. Be sure to have a parent sign your test. Remember that I need to receive your test by Thursday at midnight. You may mail it, scan and email it, or drop it by my house. If any parents have questions regarding this, please contact me. Be sure to show all your work, and be sure I can read all your work.
2.                        Read module 2 to ‘Measuring Heat’ on page 49.
3.                        Answer Review questions 1-5.
4.                        Complete practice problems 1-4.
5.                        Completely fill out your data table from Experiment 1.4. This includes calculating the densities for each substance. Bring that completed data table with you to class next week. We will talk about the results and also talk about the formal lab report formatting. I will send out a full listing of the masses and volumes that were measured in class today in case anyone missed any values.
6.                        Read pages 4-5 & 8-9 of the Chem Lab Format.docx. We will be talking about this in class next week. However, I do expect you to read the pages that I have assigned.
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Chem HW due 9/8:
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