2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Week 3 Homework Due Sept 8

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PostSubject: Week 3 Homework Due Sept 8   Tue 01 Sep 2015, 9:51 pm

>Write a color-sensory poem. What does your color look like, sound like, taste like, feel like, etc. 

>Read through " Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" completely through once silently and once aloud
1. Circle any words you don't know the meaning of.

2. Highlight any literary devices you find. (figurative language)

3. Underline imagery (creates a picture in your mind.)

4. Put a box around any words that were used for special effect

5. Put a ? next to any lines that are confusing

Then, write an organized poetry reflection that includes the following:

Elements of a Poetry Reflection:

1. Look up the words you circled and give their meaning.

2. What is the form or structure (line breaks, stanzas, etc.)

3. What is the Point of View? (who is speaking?)

4. What is the tone? (melancholy, pensive, rowdy, thoughtful, etc?)

5. Is there rhyme?

6. What do you think the poem is saying to you?

7. Discuss how the author uses figurative language.

8. What is your reaction to the poem? Do you like it? Why or why not?

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Week 3 Homework Due Sept 8
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