2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art homework due 9/15

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PostSubject: Art homework due 9/15   Tue 08 Sep 2015, 8:11 pm

For next week:

1. Complete the daily three daily drawing warm up work sheets. I will collect these in class.

2. Watch the following videos on blind contour drawing.

3. In your sketchbook I'd like you to complete blind contour drawings of the items listed below.  It is important that you do one drawing per page. I would like each object or groups of objects drawn 2 times each. For each drawing write what the item is and if it is the first or second drawing. For the second drawing change the arrangement or position of the item. The second time you draw the object/objects try to get some lines drawn that are not in the first drawing. 

Here are a few tips to remember: you are not to look at your paper at any time while you are drawing, you follow the lines of the object with your eyes and your pencil moves along at the same time, and do not lift the pencil from the page until you are finished. Along with drawing the outline of the object, try to draw the line detail you see in the item as well. The goal is to focus primarily on the object you are looking at and not at your paper. This exercise is designed to help you sharpen your observation skills and develop hand and eye coordination as stated in the videos. It is not important that your blind contour drawing look exactly like the object you are drawing but that you are capturing the characteristics of the object/objects.

You can use a paper or foam plate as an aid to keep your eyes from looking at the paper, like we did in class or you can have your sketch pad on the table and draw the item by turning your body and head away from the sketch pad, while looking at your object opposite of the where the sketchbook is. The other option is to draw the item by placing your sketchbook on your lap under the table. Do whatever works best for you to not look at your paper the entire time you are doing the drawing.

 With every object/objects drawn twice you will have a total of 16 drawings, if you use the front and back of a page that is 8 pages. You will complete 4 drawings a day.

Wednesday - a pair of shoes with laces, a leafy plant
Thursday - a stuffed animal or some type of figure, a pile of unfolded clothes (3 or 4 items)

Friday -  a cereal box with a canned good in front of it (including the picture and words),  your hand (see if you can draw some of the lines and folds)

Monday - a small appliance like a toaster, coffee maker etc.   A grouping of a hairdryer, brush and comb

On Tuesday like the week before, I will leave a marked basket before the 2nd period classes start. I will need you to leave your sketchbooks by the beginning of fourth period. If you aren't able to do that give your sketchbook to Miss Dayna or an adult assistant and let them know you are leaving it for me when I bring the basket in. I will go over your homework, give you points and it will be returned to you by the start of class.

To get for prepared for our next class I'd like you to view these videos

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Art homework due 9/15
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