2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework 9/29

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PostSubject: Art Homework 9/29   Tue 22 Sep 2015, 6:53 pm

For next week:

1. View the videos on Form and Value.

2.  Complete  the value scales worksheet and the worksheets with the boxes.

3. Before you start your Paper Relief/Value Drawing project be sure to read all the way through the instructions. Remember the goal of your project due next week is to first create an interesting relief sculpture with the card stock you got in class, then to draw what you see rendering the form and volume using tone value that you see in your Paper/Relief Sculpture. Create interest with cut pieces of paper, by folding, curling etc. and attaching them to the paper with glue. There should be  5 to 7 pieces of paper arranged on the square white sheet of paper. Once that is completed, set up a light source that gives you interesting light to dark values. Once you set it up don't move it until you finish the drawing. Using your value scale chart, capture all the values from the darkest to the lightest in your drawing.  You will using the blended type of value rendering. If the light is hitting a part of the sculpture directly leave that place white, which would show the lightest value. Be sure to watch for all the shadows that the pieces of glued paper make from the shadows cast on the paper below it.  Take your time with this project, pay close attention to detail.There may be little difference between one value and another, but try to show it, in your drawing. I will list below what I'm going to be grading you on. So far you have been receiving points for your completed homework.This project is for a grade. I will collect both the Paper /Relief sculpture and the drawing, on Tuesday

this project will be graded on:

- Paper relief sculpture is interesting to look at. Student's work shows skill in use of scissors, parts are arranged in a way that shows a nice use of space. There are no flat pieces of paper on the relief at all, but the paper has been manipulated and attached to the base in an interesting way.

- The drawing shows an understanding of value and a full range of them are demonstrated in the drawing, showing volume and form.

-  Craftsmanship - Students works shows an attention to details, works shows student followed the directions, there are no obvious pencil smudges, or super dark outlines of the shapes showing. The paper relief sculpture has no glue marks showing. Both the paper relief sculpture and the drawing are neat and clean

- Work in turned in on time.

If at any time in this project you have questions email or text me. you can also send me a picture of your work and I will take a look at it and give you pointers, if that will help.

3. I have received poster boards from most of you. I will be giving you your portfolios when we get back from break. If you haven't given those to me be sure to bring those next week.

4. For next week, bring your notebook, sketchpad, drawing pencils, your paints and brushes as well as all your art supplies.

Have a wonderful week!
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Art Homework 9/29
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