2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Writing HW due Oct. 6th:

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PostSubject: Writing HW due Oct. 6th:   Tue 29 Sep 2015, 3:38 pm

Writing HW due Oct. 6th:
1.  Follow your Poetry Project Presentation Rubric PRECISELY! 
2.  Rubric:
      A.  Fill out the following: 
            1)  Timed Presentation (upper right hand corner-should last somewhere between 2:30 & 3:00 minutes…NO LONGER!)
            2)  Under #2, fill out the TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME that you spent on your project.  Example:  5 hrs. 20 min.  (there is a  blank that says keep log of time _____)
            2)  #5, 12, & 13.
     B.  Typed Log should include:
           1)  dates
           2)  time spent
           3)  what you accomplished
           4)  total time spent working on project
3.  What will you be turning in?
      A.  Rubric-filled out (make sure it’s the NEW ONE!)
      B.  Log of time
      C.  Rough Draft of poem
      D.  Project (make sure your name is on the back!)
      E.  Paper clip all papers together, please!
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Writing HW due Oct. 6th:
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