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 Week 8 Homework Due October 20

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PostSubject: Week 8 Homework Due October 20   Wed 07 Oct 2015, 1:29 am

Homework Due Oct 20

Study for Vocabulary Test. Test will be available on Class Marker October 16-18.

Read Macbeth, Act 1, scenes 1-5. Look up any words you are not familiar with.

Turn the following questions into thesis statements. Then choose one of the statements to turn into an essay.

- A thesis must present a clear point of view that directly addresses the question.
- Be sure your essay includes appropriate, detailed, concrete (real-life) examples and/or reasons in support of your thesis. For example: specific facts, events from history, literature, news, science, or personal experience. 

1. Should people be valued according to their capabilities rather than their achievements?

2. Are teams or groups beneficial for individuals, or does group membership prevent individuals from forming their own moral judgments?

3. Is it necessary to make mistakes even when it harms others?

4. Can any obstacle be turned into something beneficial?

5. Is success the result of effort or luck?

6. Are people too materialistic?

7. Do people value convenience too much?

8. Do people actually learn from the past?
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Week 8 Homework Due October 20
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