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 Week 9 Homework Due October 27

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Week 9 Homework Due October 27 Empty
PostSubject: Week 9 Homework Due October 27   Week 9 Homework Due October 27 EmptyMon 19 Oct 2015, 11:12 pm

Due 10/27
Read chapter 7 and answer the Chapter 7 Questions for Review on 
pg 94.

If you have not yet decided on a Psychology project, some key words to look up on Google will provide you with some websites that can help you find a good project...
- high school science fair psychology projects
- psychology projects
- project ideas for high school psychology

Arrow Due 10/25 by midnight:
Proposal for 1st Semester Psychology Project
Your proposal should be written in paragraph form, typed and answering each of the following questions:
• What is the problem you are solving or what question are you          trying to answer?
• What is the purpose and why does it interest you?
• What is your hypothesis?
• What data will you use and how will you explain it?
• How do you plan to solve the problem or answer the question?        Be as specific as you can!
• How will you test your idea?

• How will you measure success?
Be sure to email your typed project proposal by next Sunday, midnight. If you have questions...don't wait until Sunday to ask me!!!
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Week 9 Homework Due October 27
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