2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework due 10/27

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PostSubject: Art Homework due 10/27   Tue 20 Oct 2015, 8:33 pm

Grades will be posted this week. Be sure to check your email boxes about that. If your name has not been added to Engrade, I will contact  you individually. I will also be sending each one of you a progress report via email.

 There is not much homework this week, but when we get together next week we will continue learning about color theory.

For next week

1.Complete the color wheel worksheet. On the color wheel sheet remember that in example c. the apple is red the background is green, you are using the green colored pencil on top of the red to do the shading on the apple, as well as the stem. Example d. the balloon is orange and you are using the blue colored pencil on top of the orange to shade. Example e. the banana is yellow,  and you are using violet/purple colored pencil on top of yellow to shade the bottom portion. Example f.  Pick a complimentary color scheme. The  butterfly can be any combination of a complimentary color scheme of red/green, yellow/purple or orange/blue.

2. Complete the color shading worksheet with the flamingo on it. Read and follow the directions.

3. Go to this interactive page on color and just explore for fun.  http://www.mariaclaudiacortes.com/colors/colors.html

4. Be sure to bring your colored pencils, sketchbook, notebook, paints, brushes and drawing pencils.
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Art Homework due 10/27
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