2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework due 11/3

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PostSubject: Art Homework due 11/3   Tue 27 Oct 2015, 6:26 pm

For next week:

1.Finish the colored pencil color wheel. Be sure to bring it to class as it is going to be a valuable tool for our next project.

2. Finish the value landscape painting. Each of the 4 sections should be divided into 5 sections by interesting lines, not just straight lines. You are limited to the following colors: red, blue, yellow, black and white. The goal is to create a value scale using each color.  For example in section one I might start with red straight from the tube in the third space. The two spaces above that would be tints of that red. Tints are made by adding white to a color. The space above my red would be lighter, the space above that lightest. The spaces below my third space filled in with red, would be shades of that red and that is done with adding black to a color to darken it. The space right under the red would be darker, the space under that would be darkest. This is the same way I would fill in my remaining sections, blue in one whole section and various values of that blue and yellow in one whole section and various values of that yellow. in the last section you will want to create a grey value scale. Start with a medium grey in the third space, do tints of that grey in the 2 spaces above and shades of that grey in the two spaces below. You will end of with 4 mini monochromatic paintings.

A few painting tips:

Use the paint sparingly, so you don't waste it. You want it to last the whole school year if possible.

The paint is permanent, it is hard to wash out of clothes. Be sure to rinse out your brush between colors and to wash the paint out of your brushes before storing them to dry. If the paint dries on a brush it is very hard to try and get it out of the paint brush.

You can add water to the paints if they seem too thick but you don't want to thin them out too much and end up with them being like water colors. Only add water to make the consistency of the paint smooth for application.

Try to be steady with the paint brush and stay in the lines try not to wander beyond lines but paint right up to the lines so the transitions from values are smooth. Think craftsmanship the whole time.

Remember that dark colors are best added to light colors. Black is a very over powering color, so it would be best to add it little by little to your color to get the shade you want.  This would be the same if you want to lighten a color, it's best to add the color to white a little at a time to get the desired tint of a color you want.

3. Check out  this video that has a few different people weighing in on the effects of color. Lots of interesting statements about color.  I'm not in agreement with all the the conclusions they come up with. That being said, just like art, color can be very subjective. Not everyone likes the same color or colors. After viewing the video, on a separate piece of paper, jot down which color is your favorite and why, also write down your least favorite color and why. Remember that there are no right or wrong answer to these questions, it all comes down to personal taste.  Smile

4. Be sure to look over the Student Progress Report and sign and return to me next week.

5. Be sure to bring your sketchbook, notebook, paints, brushes and pencils. We will begin working on our fancy color wheels next week.

Have a wonderful week!
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Art Homework due 11/3
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