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 Chem Hw due 11/10:

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Chem Hw due 11/10: Empty
PostSubject: Chem Hw due 11/10:   Chem Hw due 11/10: EmptyTue 03 Nov 2015, 3:48 pm

Due November 10th:
1.              Complete the Module 5 test. As usual, it is due Thursday night (11/5) by midnight. Just as a reminder, as we are moving back into tests that have more math on them…be sure to show all of your work!!! Also, if the stoichiometric relationships between substances are a bit confusing still, watch the video before you take the test. It might help clarify things a bit. 
2.              Read Module 6 through On Your Own 6.5 on page 176. 
3.              Complete Review Questions 1-5.
4.              Complete Practice Problems 1-5.
5.              Watch the following video on stoichiometry:
      Note: Number five isn’t optional. Be sure to watch the video.  Laughing
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Chem Hw due 11/10:
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