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 Homework Due November 10th

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PostSubject: Homework Due November 10th   Wed 04 Nov 2015, 12:34 am

.Send me 3 Lizard point scores of Africa.  We will have the Africa test in class- so make sure you know your countries.

. Go over cards we discussed in class.  For every card there will be a related location- Print out a world map- Here's a http://education.nationalgeographic.com/mapping/outline-map/?map=The_World to one you can download and use.   Plot all the related locations on the same world map.  For instance we had a card for the Olmecs and a card for Israel and a card about the Phoenicians and their most famous settlement, Carthage.  On the Map you would label the Olmecs over the location where their civilization existed along with the dates.  Israel would be plotted as well as where the Phoenician civilization was and where their trading city of Carthage was located along with any dates.  If you have a better world map- use it.

. Read and write notes for Chapter 15.  Answer Assessment questions 1-9.  We might have another in class quiz using your notes.
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Homework Due November 10th
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