2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art homework due 11/17

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PostSubject: Art homework due 11/17   Tue 10 Nov 2015, 11:05 pm

For next week:

1.Finish the Warm/Cool Color Grid Tree Painting.

2. Be sure to read all the way through the tips and what you will be graded on before you start to add the paint.

Here's a few tips for the project.

- Make sure your lines are straight consistently making a 1 inch grid on the entire paper. You will be graded on how well you do this!

- Decide which part is going to be warm colors and which will be cool colors. The circle behind the tree can be cool colors while the background is warm colors or visa-versa. It is up to you. Warm colors are yellows, oranges and reds and all combos of those colors as well as different tone values within those colors. Cool colors are blues, purples and green an all combos of those as well as different tones values within those colors. 

- Be sure the paint has a watercolor type of consistency throughout the entire project.  The more water that is added the lighter the value will be. You can use white to lighten the colors if you want, just remember to make sure that the paint has a watercolor consistency. Don't use black for this project. You will be mixing colors for this project in either cool color tones or warm color tones in the right areas on the grid. You might want to use a scrap piece of paper to test the color before adding it to your grid. The goal is that you have as many colors represented as possible and that you don't have two colors that are exactly the same right next to each other. You will want to skip around with the colors as to have them not bleed with the color next to it. 

- In the areas where the tree is you will want to create brown by mixing the opposite color of the one that has been painted in the square. If it is an area where the square is not touching a color you are free to paint any brown color you want in that square. You should have a variety of browns represented in the trunk and branches of the tree.

- Once the entire grid painting is dry you will then use your colored pencils to fill in any white areas you missed with the paints, by blending the colored pencil on the edges of the square in to the paint slightly.  In the area where the tree is you will use a brown colored pencil to lightly go over the edges by blending it in with the paint and that will help add depth to the tree. 

3. This project is worth 100 points. You will be graded on the following:

- Student's work shows skill in using a ruler to lay out a straight 1 inch grid on the entire paper.

- The tree is stylized and starts with the trunk extending from the bottom of the paper and the branches extending to the edge of the circle.

- The students uses of a variety of cool colors and warm colors are present in their assigned areas.

- The work shows a variety of brown colors in the trunk and branches, by mixing complimentary colors to create the brown colors. The branches and the tree trunk has been filled in with a brown colored pencil to define the edges.

- Craftsmanship: attention to detail, paint has a watercolor look to it and the square is filled, there are no white areas showing colored pencils were used in those areas to fill in any white areas, no smudges on the art work.

- work turned in on time (worth 10 points)

4. Next week bring your sketchbooks, notebooks, all art supplies except paints and brushes.

See you next week!

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Art homework due 11/17
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