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 Homework due Nov. 17, 2015

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PostSubject: Homework due Nov. 17, 2015   Wed 11 Nov 2015, 1:29 pm

* Read chapter 10 of Narrative of the Live of Frederick Douglass.

* Answer the comprehension and analysis questions on page 53 in your study guide. 

* Complete pages 59-60 in your study guide, working with point of view. If you need to review the various types of point of view, see page 54 in your study guide.

* Complete the table on page 61 in your study guide. 

* Read the two poems on pages 69 and 71 in your study guide, and answer the questions for each poem on pages 70 and 71, respectively. In addition, write a short analysis of the structure, rhyme and meter of each poem. (How many stanzas are there, are the stanzas couplets, tercets, etc. What is the rhyme scheme? What kind/kinds of meter do you see being used?)

Have a great week!
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Homework due Nov. 17, 2015
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