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 Homework Due December 1st

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PostSubject: Homework Due December 1st   Mon 16 Nov 2015, 12:06 pm

Enter chapter 4's vocabulary into your Quizlet or make paper flashcards.  Start practicing them.

Listen to Pimsleur #7 and #8 twice each.- this will require listening on 4 different days.

Write a 10-15 line dialogue between you and an imaginary friend based off  any of the vocabulary from the book and/or from Pimsleur.  Make sure you use at least 7 different verbs and have them conjugated properly.  It can be on any topic.

Remember: doing all your German work in one or two days will not result in learning and retaining the vocabulary.  You need to do German for at least an hour EVERY school day.
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Homework Due December 1st
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