2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 HW Due 12/8/15

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PostSubject: HW Due 12/8/15   Tue 01 Dec 2015, 6:25 pm

6.1  1-3, 7,8,11
6.2  2-3, 8,9 (using info from 2,3),13,14
*Finish the paper from last week.

Project: Suppose you wanted to purchase a car.  This can be done on at
http://www.edmunds.com/calculators/affordability.html by entering the following info:

Suppose you know you can pay $200/month. Enter that amount in monthly payment.Use 36 months. Use the percentage given. How much can you afford for the sticker price on the car? What kind of car options do you have? What car would you choose? Play around with different monthly payments, rates or times.

Any time you are ready to make a purchase on a house, car, etc., there are numerous websites that have built in calculators for you to use to easily determine how much you can afford or how much your monthly payments will be. These are amortization loans. It is always wise to get the advice and wisdom of a parent or other adult who has experience and wisdom.
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HW Due 12/8/15
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