2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework 12/8

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PostSubject: Art Homework 12/8   Tue 01 Dec 2015, 7:25 pm

For next week:

1. All past due work is due next week! That includes the grid painting, and the grid drawing worksheets.

2. Go to http://thevirtualinstructor.com/onepointperspective.html
(For some reason, I couldn't set up the link to this website, so you may have to copy and paste it in your search bar.)

Read through all the info and watch the 2 videos on the site. The first video is an explanation of one point perspective of drawing cubes and also a scene with a building in it.

The second video is about Linear Perspective: Brunelleschi's Experiment.

In your sketchbook draw the three boxes shown as the example in the first video. Also do another sketch of the two boxes shown on the website toward the end of the web page.  You will see step by step instruction for how to do that.  Do each drawing on a separate page in your sketchbook. Use a ruler to complete these drawings. If you are drawing free hand you are missing the whole point! Remember one of the things you are being graded on is skill in using a ruler and drawing straight lines. 

3. Finish the worksheet that I handed out in class.

4. In the perspective worksheet packet I handed out in class, be sure to complete the " boxes in perspective" worksheet. It's the page right after the photos. Go no further past that page.

Next week I will be dropping off the basket for sketchbooks by the start of the second period and I will be at Shine around the start of the 4th period. Leave your sketchbooks, and your perspective booklet in the basket, sometime before the 4th period. Please be sure that your name is on both. I will take a look at your sketchbooks and perspective packets to give you credit for the work you've done.

Next week all you will need  to bring is your drawing pencils, ruler, sketchbook and notebooks.

If any of you have any questions please let me know via email or a text. Have a great week! rendeer
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Art Homework 12/8
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