2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Week 16 Due Jan 12

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PostSubject: Week 16 Due Jan 12   Week 16 Due Jan 12 EmptyTue 05 Jan 2016, 1:24 am

Complete the Study Guide below and study for the test which will be given next week. Bring your Study Guide to class on Tuesday.

Study Guide for Psychology Chapter 9 Test    What a Face

1. Define consciousness
2. What are the 5 varieties of consciousness?
3. What does REM stand for?
4. The discovery of REM in the 19__s  began a time of intensive             research into ____.
5. In one night's sleep, we pass back and forth through stages of           sleep, each distinguished by differing patterns of 
6. Why is REM sleep sometimes called paradoxical sleep?
7. What are the 4 patterns of brain waves?
8. REM sleep is characterized by what three things?
9. What is the repair and restoration theory of sleep?
10. What is the information consolidation theory of sleep?
11. Describe a circadian rhythm.
12. What is jet lag?
13. What is the difference between sleep debt and sleep 
14. What is sleep recovery?
15. What is narcolepsy?
16. What does evolutionary theory suggest about dreams?
17. In the activation-synthesis theory of dream, the brain                    generates dreams to explain what?
18. What does Freud's psychoanalytic theory of dreams suggest?
19. How did Carl Jung see dreams?
20. What is hypnosis?
21. How do psychologists describe meditation?
22. Psychoactive or Psychotropic drugs alter: _______________, 
      ___________, _______________, and ______________.
23. What is psychopharmacology?
24. How do psychoactive drugs work?
25. What does "tolerance" refer to?
26. What is drug dependency or addiction characterized by?
27. Where does alcohol metabolize, and what is the most likely 
      consequence of alcohol abuse?
28. The capture ratio of what category of drugs is very high? What 
      does this mean?
29. What percentage of those who try nicotine become regular 
      users? is this a high or low capture ratio?
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Week 16 Due Jan 12
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