2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework due 1/12

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PostSubject: Art Homework due 1/12   Tue 05 Jan 2016, 9:07 pm

Important -

Hi all, if you haven't turned in past due work listed below, I need the following sent to me via email by Thursday night so I can post grades. Be sure to send it to the right email address diffwirld@charter.net

The grid warm/cool tree grid

2 Sketches in the sketchbook - one per page 3D name and a real word object. Use shading on both. See previous posts for more info.

The following pages from the Perspective Packet:
Page one with the assignments listed
Boxes in Perspective Letters in Perspective
Shapes in Perspective
Stars in Perspective
Real World Objects in Perspective

For next week:

1. Finish: Draw Part of a Room

2.Finish:  Draw Your City Here - Read the instructions on the worksheet. You will be drawing this in your sketchbook not on the sheet. You are free to draw an imaginary city, be creative. Here are a  few rules to follow: use the entire page, use shading and tone value, use detail on the buildings, add details listed on the sheet etc. Remember to put forward your best effort, this drawing is worth 50 points!

3. To get an idea what we will doing next check out:


Read through the article and watch the video. We will start on 2 point perspective next week.

4. Check out these websites for some intricate perspective drawings:




5. I will be leaving the sketch book basket in the Bat Cave next week between 2nd and 4th period class, please put the Part of a Room Drawing worksheet and your sketchbook with the City Drawing into that basket so I can grade it before class.

6. Bring your sketchbook, notebook, drawing pencils and rulers. Come to class on time and we will get to working on the next section in our Perspective Packet.

If you have any questions please let me know. Have a great week!
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Art Homework due 1/12
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