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 Chem HW due 1/19:

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Chem HW due 1/19: Empty
PostSubject: Chem HW due 1/19:   Chem HW due 1/19: EmptyTue 12 Jan 2016, 6:13 pm

Due January 19th:
1.     Complete test for module 8. This is due Thursday (January 14th) at midnight. As I mentioned this morning, I have already emailed the test to your parents. They can print it whenever you are ready to take test.
2.     Read Module 9 through the On Your Own problems on page 298. Stop at “Purely Covalent and Polar Covalent Bonds.”
3.     Complete Review Questions 1-6.
4.     Complete Practice Problems 1-5.
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Chem HW due 1/19:
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