2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Due January 26th

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PostSubject: Due January 26th   Wed 20 Jan 2016, 11:06 am

First Day
Listen to Pimsleur 11 again carrefully repeating all the phrases out loud and really working on your accent.
List all the verbs from the copied page of "Ich Bin Nummer Vier" and write their meanings. 
Set timer and study vocabulary from both the copied page and chapter 5 of your book.  Rock this.

Second Day
Take your verb list and conjugate each verb.  You will probably need to look these up.  Write your lists similar to this:
anhalten- to bring to a stop

ich halte an
du hälst an
er/sie/es hält an
wir halten an
ihr haltet an
sie/Sie halten an

Notice that with the verb anhalten when you conjugate it it breaks into two words and the prefix moves to the end of the sentence.  Several of the verbs from this page do this- look at how the book conjugates them. Call me if you have a problem with this plus be assured that we will discuss this in class. 
Set timer and study vocab for 20 minutes.

Third day
Listen to Pimsleur 12 carefully, repeating everything like a fancy foreign robot.
Set timer and study all vocab for 20 minutes.

Forth day
Listen to Pimsleur 12 again and learn the vocab.  I will quiz on all the vocab you studied this week.
Write ten sentences using the verbs you defined and listed from the copied page.
Study all the vocabulary.

Call me for your phone appointment!
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Due January 26th
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