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 Art Homework 2/2

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PostSubject: Art Homework 2/2   Tue 26 Jan 2016, 10:00 pm

Art Homework due 2/2

For next week:

1.For those of you working on the 2 point perspective worksheets, try to get those done and to me by next week. if you get stuck on the 2pt. Fantasy City and need help with that, then you can bring it next week and I will be glad to help you with it. There is a rubric that goes with it, you will need to turn that in along with the sketch. This is worth 150 points so you want to complete it and get it to me asap!

2. Finish filling in the tessellation with color. Bring it with you next week and we will complete that in class.

3.View the video on Youtube, it is about 50 minutes long. On a separate piece of paper answer the questions listed below. Most of the answers will be from the first video listed. A few question can be answered from the second video listed on the artist's official website and you can find the answers by exploring the website.

Here is the link to another video of Escher being interviewed. Just copy and paste it in your search bar. If you have any problems let me know.


M. C. Escher questions

1. When was he born? When did he die?

2. Where was he born? (city and country)

3. Where did he live for a long time and what were some of the attributes of that area that he liked and showed in his art?

4. There was a story about him being picked up and put in jail. Briefly describe what that was all about.

5. Where did Escher go in 1935? What did he discover there?

6. What is a tessellation? What is symmetry?

7. Outside of the mosaics what else was Escher interested in?

8. What is an "impossible object or structure?"

9. What was Hamlet and Escher interested in?

!0. List the different mediums Escher worked in. There are 11 of them.

11. What is your favorite Escher quote?

4. For fun you can go to this site and create a tessellation


5.Bring the following, sketchbooks, notebooks, colored pencils, scissors, glue, pencils erasers.

Have a great week.
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Art Homework 2/2
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