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 Week 20 Homework Due Feb. 9

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PostSubject: Week 20 Homework Due Feb. 9   Mon 01 Feb 2016, 5:07 pm

*Continue working on your short story. Be sure to look at the "checklist" so that you have included all of the elements required.

*Study the vocabulary. The test will be available Friday, Feb 5 through Sunday, Feb 7 at midnight.

*Read chapters 11-13 in Great Expectations. Answer the following questions: 

Chapter 11

1. Chapter XI

1. Why does Miss Havisham scorn her relatives?
2. Explain how “toadies and humbugs" applies to the Pockets.
3. What strange epergne (an ornamental centerpiece to hold flowers or fruit) does Pip see on                   the table? How does this object relate to Miss Havisham's dress?
Chapter XII

1. What kind of punishment does Pip expect for striking the young gentleman?
2. Instead, Miss Havisham rewards Pip later: how?

Chapter XIII

1. Why does Pip feel uncomfortable when he and Joe visit Satis House?
2. Who takes most of the credit for Miss Havisham's generosity? Who takes the money?
3. Explain: “I should never like Joe's trade. I had liked it once, but once was not now."
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Week 20 Homework Due Feb. 9
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