2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Week 21 Homework Due 2/16

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PostSubject: Week 21 Homework Due 2/16   Mon 08 Feb 2016, 5:59 pm

* Finish up your short story, it is due on the 16th. Carefully read comments by your peers and correct any grammar or punctuation errors.

* Study the vocabulary. The test will be available Friday, Feb 13-Sunday, Feb 14 on midnight. (scroll down for vocab)

* Read chapters 14-16 in Great Expectations. Answer the questions.

Great Expectations Questions
Chapter XIV
1. What fear involving Estella “haunted" Pip now?
2. Pip is ashamed of his home, and is unhappy there: why doesn't he               run away?
Chapter XV
1. Describe the two new characters introduced here and Pip's                           relationship with them.
2. How does Joe get into a fight with Orlick?
3. How does this fight become important later on?
4. What becomes of Estella?
5. Why does Pip identify himself with George Barnwell in George                    Lillo's play The London Merchant?
Chapter XVI
1. Who is suspected of the crime committed here, and why?
2. What does Dickens convey through Pip about the police?
3. Whom does Biddy suspect of Mrs. Joe's assault, and why?
The test will be available on ClassMarker between Feb 12—14
 Write an original sentence for each vocabulary word. This will be due in class on Tuesday.
1.      immaterial         adj                           of no consequence
“Whether or not you want to go to your Grandmother’s birthday party is immaterial,” retorted Dad, “you’re going and that’s that.”
2.      rapacious    adj       wanting more than is needed or deserved
When Dan got passed over for a promotion and raise, his rapacious greed caused him to make a scene in the office.
3.      impertinence        noun                      rudeness
Sam’s impertinence to the pastor was an embarrassment to his parents.
4.      reticent                 verb                       reluctant
The attorney was reticent to accuse the judge of misconduct even though she had evidence.
5.      prognosticate         verb                      to forecast or predict
The handsome, quixotic young man swept the poor, abused young woman up on his horse as they rode off into the sunset.
6.      assiduous               adj                 showing great care, diligent
Callie was usually assiduous about her appearance, but today she was running late.
7.      cajole                     verb                      to persuade by flattery
Ellen knew it would be easy to cajole Mrs. Brant to make cinnamon rolls to sell at the bake sale.
8.      fracas                      noun               a riotous brawl or uproar
A fracas broke out at Wal-Mart when everyone realized they only had three of the tvs that were advertised on sale.
9.      cusp    n.      a point or pointed end; turning point, verge, apex
The research team was on the cusp of discovering a cure for the debilitating disease that inflicted
Dr. Mallory’s young daughter.
10.   mollify                      verb               to reduce, soften or pacify
Lacey did everything she could think of to mollify little Charlie until his mother came home from work.
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Week 21 Homework Due 2/16
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