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 Writing HW due SUNDAY, FEB. 21ST:

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PostSubject: Writing HW due SUNDAY, FEB. 21ST:    Tue 16 Feb 2016, 4:45 pm

HW:  Do in the following order/*EMAIL YOUR 7th  ESSAY TO ME BY SUNDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 21st, BY MIDNIGHT!
1) Read & apply to your essay writing (work on those areas that you struggled with this week!  In other words, read my “love” notes & take them to heart!  See letter “f.” below)
              a.  Format for the 5 Paragraph Essay & Tips
              b.  5 Par. Essay Rubric
              c.  Helps & Tips for Improving Your Essay
              d.  Five Paragraph Essay Booklet (23 pages)
              e.  Tips on How to Write a Good Conclusion
              f.  Helpful Tips & Reminders for Your Essays (handout that I just gave you in class today)

2)  Read p. 205-235 (ch. 15-16)
3) Answer the following essay question THOROUGHLY: 
Jean Louise accuses Henry of being a hypocrite and reveals to him that “we are poles apart.”  He tries to defend himself and Atticus for their actions.  Discuss Henry’s plan of justification and how he tries to convince his girlfriend that their seemingly heinous deeds run much deeper than what she merely sees on the surface. 
4) Vocabulary Words:  Be sure to use 3 of the 7 following vocabulary words in your essay (SEE RUBRIC #14) – YOU MAY USE ANY FORM OF THE WORD, JUST BE SURE YOU ARE USING IT CORRECTLY AND IN CONTEXT. 
    a.  rectitude (n.) – moral integrity (p. 205)
    b.  miasmal (n.) – a harmful influence or atmosphere (p. 217)
    c.  defilement (n.) – to render impure; corrupt (p. 217)
    d.  inconspicuously (adv.) – not readily noticed or seen; obscure (p. 219)
    e.  gratuitously (adv.) – unearned; free (p. 223)
    f.  engendered (v.) – propagate or come into existence (p. 223)
    g.  tenuous (adj.) – on shaky ground; flimsy or feeble (p. 224)
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Writing HW due SUNDAY, FEB. 21ST:
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