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 Writing HW due SUNDAY, FEB. 28TH:

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PostSubject: Writing HW due SUNDAY, FEB. 28TH:    Mon 22 Feb 2016, 10:58 pm

HW:  Do in the following order/*EMAIL YOUR 8th ESSAY TO ME BY SUNDAY NIGHT, FEB. 28th, BY MIDNIGHT!
      1) Read & apply to your essay writing (work on those areas that you struggled with this week!  In other words, read my “love” notes & take them to heart!  See letter “f.” below)
              a.  Format for the 5 Paragraph Essay & Tips
              b.  5 Par. Essay Rubric
              c.  Helps & Tips for Improving Your Essay
              d.  Five Paragraph Essay Booklet (23 pages)
              e.  Tips on How to Write a Good Conclusion
              f.  Helpful Tips & Reminders for Your Essays (handout that I gave you in class last week) 
      2) Read p. 236-278 (ch. 17-19)
      3) Answer the following essay question THOROUGHLY (This is your LAST essay, so see how much you can improve!  Make it your BEST EFFORT! study )
In Jean Louise’s tirade against Atticus, she lets her father know that “You’re the only person I think I’ve ever fully trusted and now I’m done for.” His response to his daughter is “I’ve killed you, Scout.  I had to.”  Discuss what Atticus means by this cyptic response and how he “kills” Scout. 
    4) Vocabulary Words:  Be sure to use 3 of the 8 following vocabulary words in your essay (SEE RUBRIC #14) – YOU MAY USE ANY FORM OF THE WORD, JUST BE SURE YOU ARE USING IT CORRECTLY AND IN CONTEXT. 
a.  incidental (adj.) – not of prime importance (p. 243)
b.  invective (n.) – an abusive or denunciatory expres​sion(p. 249)
c.  sadist (n.) – one who delights in extreme cruelty (p. 250)
d.  bridled (v.) – to show resentment or anger; to take offense (p. 257)
e.  fractious (adj.) – apt to cause trouble; unruly (p. 262)
f.  antithesis (n.) – the direct opposite (p. 265)
g.  pensively (adv.) – deep in thought (p. 270)
h.  bigot (n.)  - one fanatically devoted to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and intolerant of those who differ (p. 267)
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Writing HW due SUNDAY, FEB. 28TH:
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