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 Week 23 Homework Due March 1

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PostSubject: Week 23 Homework Due March 1   Tue 23 Feb 2016, 1:51 am

  • Continue working  on your Mystery or Thriller. Be sure to complete at least 1200 words (your completed story should be 2000-2500 words). Make sure you include at least 3 literary devices in the first 1200 words including foreshadowing.


  • Study Vocabulary and write an original sentence for each word SHOWING that you know the meaning of the word. The test will be available on Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28.

  • Great Expectations Ch. 20-22 and answer the following questions: 

         Chapter XX

1. What kind of lawyer is Mr. Jaggers? (That is, what is his                               specialty?)

2. What is Pip's first impression of London?

Chapter XXI

1. Who is Pip's room-mate? By coincidence, when did we meet him                 previously/

2. Why does the selection of this young man as his companion                         Pip's suspicions that Miss Havisham was his benefactor?

Chapter XXII

("half-price to the theatre" — at an evening performance, after the               first play, admission was reduced in most Victorian theatres.)

1. What does his new friend tell Pip about Miss Havisham's past?

2. Why has she ordered Herbert's father out of her house?

3. What is Herbert's occupation? What does “cut into the Direction"                  suggest about his goals?
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Week 23 Homework Due March 1
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