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 Chem HW due 3/1:

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Chem HW due 3/1: Empty
PostSubject: Chem HW due 3/1:   Chem HW due 3/1: EmptyTue 23 Feb 2016, 7:01 pm

Due March 1st:
1.                Complete the Module 11 Test. Please email or deliver to me by midnight on Thursday. Remember, in order to receive full credit for multiple point questions, you need to show all your work. Remember that you always need to show the stoichiometry ratio you are using at the bare minimum.
2.                Read Module 12 through the On Your Own on page 394.
3.                Complete Review Questions 1-4.
4.                Complete Practice Problems 1 & 3. Skip problem 2 as it covers material beyond where you have read. 
5.                You may work on the third quarter extra credit if desired. It will be due the Tuesday we return from Spring Break. I will email the extra credit this week.
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Chem HW due 3/1:
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