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 Week 23 Homework Due March 1

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Week 23 Homework Due March 1 Empty
PostSubject: Week 23 Homework Due March 1   Week 23 Homework Due March 1 EmptyWed 24 Feb 2016, 2:20 am

This week read chapter 21

Wed: Read Lesson 1, Do Assignments B, D, E
Thur: Read Lesson 2, Do Assignment and Read Lesson 3. 
Fri: Read Lesson 4 and start study guide for 20-21 Test below.
Mon: Finish study guide

Test on Chapters 20-21 Study Guide
Ch. 20
1.What was the catalyst that created a need to connect California with the Eastern states?

2. How did the two corporations that were tasked with building a transcontinental railroad pay for it? 

3. What two ethnic groups basically built the railroad, which railroad did each work for? 

4. Where and when did the two railroads join? 

5. Explain where the phrase, the other or wrong side of the tracks originated. 

6. By the end of the _____century, the majority of Native Americans lived _______________________ in the western 
7. Why, do you think, European Americans made no effort to assimilate Native Americans into American life like they did with other ethnic groups, but instead them as aliens and subversives?
9. What are 3 ways American settlers destroyed the Native Americans?
10. What was the Dawes Act of 1887, and ultimately what was the result?
11. Who was Geronimo and why did he and some of the other warriors choose to fight back? Were they successful? 
12. Who was Billy the Kid and why was he famous? 
13. Who was Jesse James and why was he famous?
14. What was notable about the life of Frances Willard? 
Chapter 21            
15. Explain what kept many blacks, though legally free, still in bondage?
16. What was the Great Migration, when and why did it occur?   
17. What was the reality of life for African Americans in the north? 
18. How did the Great Migration make racism a national issue rather than just a southern issue? 
19.  What is ghettoization? 
20. Compare white privilege in the north following the Great Migration to that of the south.
21. Who was Booker T. Washington? 

22. Who was W.E.B. DuBois? 

23. Why would white Southerners lynch defenseless African-Americans? 

24. Why did the U. S. Supreme Court ignore the Jim Crowe Laws for so many years? 
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Week 23 Homework Due March 1
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