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 Homework due March 1, 2016

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PostSubject: Homework due March 1, 2016   Wed 24 Feb 2016, 11:00 am

* Complete your final project for The Hiding Place.

* Complete your final test over The Hiding Place. FOR THIS TEST: Please study before you begin this test. Make sure to know your vocabulary words for chapters 10-14. Go over all of your study guide questions. Be able to define the terms in the "definitions" section of your Holocaust packet. AFTER you have studied, set aside some time--I recommend 90 minutes--when you can work uninterrupted. (The test may very well take you less than 90 minutes to complete. I'm guessing that it will take most of you about an hour. But I would always err on the side of setting aside more time.) Also, if you can't complete your test in one sitting, that's OK. HOWEVER, if you need to begin the test in one session and finish it another time, please do NOT go back and look over you book or your study guide in between. 
When you are done with your test, place in in the envelope that was provided and SEAL THE ENVELOPE. I would then like for both you and a parent to sign the envelope. Your signatures there indicate to me that both you and a parent are stating that you completed the test without any unapproved assistance. 

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything. Have a wonderful week!
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Homework due March 1, 2016
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