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 Week 24 Homework due March 22

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PostSubject: Week 24 Homework due March 22   Mon 29 Feb 2016, 5:55 pm

--- Study for your vocabulary test and be sure to write an original and well-structured sentence for each word that shows you know the meaning of the word. The test will be available on ClassMarker from Friday, March 5-Sunday March 7, midnight.

---If you have not turned in your first short story, I will need that by Sunday, midnight!!! 

--- Finish your Mystery/Thriller. Get someone to read it and give you feedback based on the handout you received in class. (If you weren't in class, email me and I will send you one.) Your finished drafts will be due on the 22nd. after Spring Break.

--- Read chapters 23-25 in Great Expectations and answer the following questions
Chapter XXIII
Mr. Pocket aspired to “the Woolsack" (the seat of the Lord Chancellor in the House of Lords) or the “mitre" (a bishop's hat).
1. What is Herbert's father's chief fault? Why is he especially suitable to educate Pip?
2. In what way are Mrs. Pocket and Pip alike?
3. How do Drummle and Startop differ?
Vocabulary: “grinder" = private teacher or tutor of children of the rich; “blades" = fashionable young men; "baronet" = hereditary aristocratic title above the degree of knight, although both are addressed as “Sir" followed by Christian and surname.
Chapter XXIV
Note: The Old Bailey was London's criminal court.
1. What kind of training is Mr. Pocket to give Pip?
2. What earlier impressions of Jaggers are confirmed?
3. What is Wemmick's highly pragmatic philosophy?
Chapter XXV
The Gothic Revival in architecture was at its height in the 1860s.
1. What does Pip share with Herbert besides the Barnard's Inn Chambers and the home in Hammersmith?
2. What other side of Wemmick does Pip find at his Walworth “Castle"?
Vocabulary: “Cracksmen" are housebreakers or burglars; “Britannia metal" is a cheap substitute for silver; “Walworth," now absorbed into Greater London, was still a village in the mid-nineteenth century; "Greenwich time" is the standard for British time, calculated from the meridian running through the Greenwich Observatory.
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Week 24 Homework due March 22
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