2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 HW Due 3/22/16

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PostSubject: HW Due 3/22/16   Mon 29 Feb 2016, 11:09 pm

Rersearch- http://www.tnelectric.org/about/
1. What is an electric co-op? Why is it beneficial to our family? What is your family's cooperative? (mine is Duck River Electric)

2. ask a parent or check a monthly water bill: Where do you get your water? What is the rate on your monthly bill? Do you have a septic tank or sewer? Do you live in the city limits? If so, you should get garbage pick up and recycling service and sewer.  If not, where do you take your trash? List some ways to save on water.

Phone service
3. If your family has a "home phone" find out how much the monthly plan is and then how much for taxes and fees.
Do the same for your mobile plan.

11.7--1-9 odd, 13
11.8-- 1-6 all

Shocked happy spring break!
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HW Due 3/22/16
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