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 Week 25 Hwk due March 29

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PostSubject: Week 25 Hwk due March 29   Fri 18 Mar 2016, 3:40 pm

Homework Due March 29

** Study for Vocabulary Test and write well-thought-out sentences showing you know the meaning of the words. Sentences need to be turned in on the 29th.The test will be available on Class Marker from Friday, April 1 through Sunday, April 3.

**Flash Fiction Assignment
If you were absent on the 22nd, please contact me asap to get the assignment and handout.

** If you have not turned in both of your stories, do so by Sunday midnight to avoid a zero. If you have extenuating circumstances, have a parent contact me. There will be no more extensions, the 3rd. quarter is almost over and I need to finalize those grades Exclamation 

**Read chs. 26-28 in Great Expectations. Cut and paste the questions at the bottom of this page into a Word document and answer the questions. These will also be due on the 29th.

Arrow Important!!! Please read...
Check on Engrade to see if you owe me any work. If so, turn it in ASAP. We are nearing the end of the 3rd quarter and work that is missing will be given a zero!!! Several of you have not taken some of the vocabulary tests, turned in sentences, or turned in answers to the questions from Great Expectations.

Great Expectations Questions Chapters 26-28

         Chapter XXVI
The “Witches' cauldron" is a reference to the apparitions that rise from the Weird Sisters' cooking-pot in Macbeth, IV, i.
1. What is Jaggers' warning to Pip concerning Drummle?
2. What is mysterious about Molly?
Chapter XXVII
"I had made this monster" is a humorous allusion to Mary Shelley's 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein, in which a young scientist creates a highly destructive and resentful monster.
1. Why is Joe's visit not a success?
2. Why does Joe come to London?
3. Which play by Shakespeare is indicated by “the highest tragic walk of our National Bard"?
Vocabulary: “Roscian" = in the manner of Roscius, a famous actor in ancient Rome.
Chapter XXVIII
A “Half-way House" is a roadside inn that is the mid-point of a coach journey. Dickens may mean the Earl of Warwick at Welling, Kent.
1. How is the convict theme re-introduced?
2. “Verb. Sap." is a Latin abbreviation meaning “To a wise man, a word is enough." Why is this expression used here?
3. Who is famous in his hometown as Pip's earliest companion, patron and friend? What is Pip's attitude to this supposed fact?
Vocabulary: “Lifer" = sentenced to prison or transportation to Australia for life; “Mentor" = the avuncular advisor of Prince Telemachus, son of the hero Odysseus, in the early books of Homer's Odyssey; “Quintin Matsys" = a Flemish painter (1466-1530) who was (supposedly) apprenticed to a blacksmith in his youth.
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Week 25 Hwk due March 29
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