2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework 4/5

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PostSubject: Art Homework 4/5   Tue 29 Mar 2016, 10:49 pm

For Next week:

I will email you some examples of what your final portrait should be like. Chuck Close is an artist that uses a grid to do his portraits.

Read the biography on Chuck Close [url=britannica.com/biography/Chuck-Close]britannica.com/biography/Chuck-Close[/url]

Check out the finger painting portrait on the link below


1. Work on the grid portrait. Here are a few tips to remember and to keep in mind:

- draw your portrait in very simple lines very lightly in pencil. Don't worry about the areas of value or fine details

- treat each square as a single part. Add the value and or line that you see in that square. Go row by row don't skip around, pay attention to the letters and numbers between the photo and the paper. Focus on one square at a time.

- No browns, blacks, or gray colored pencils. No colors that are exactly the same next to each other. For darker areas lay in the color heavy, and with other values change the intensity of the value by varying pressure on the colored pencils. A good rule of thumb generally is to think of blues, dark blues, purples, deep reds, greens as colors that would go well in very dark areas. Yellows, pinks, oranges are nice in areas where the values are lighter. You can also tone down colors by blending opposites or by creating blue/greens, red/purple etc. Before you commit a color to the grid test it on a separate piece of paper.

- leave no white places

- Work on it a little everyday, don't wait till the last minute

- if you get overwhelmed step back from what you are doing and look at it from a distance. You will start to see the whole come together

2. The Extra Credit Project that I mentioned is going to be on the last Tuesday of April, which is the 26th. Be checking your email for updates on this.

3. Bring all your art supplies except brushes and paints.

If you have any questions about the grid portrait let me know. You can take a pic of it and text me if you want me to take a look at your portrait and make suggestions. My cell 3 615-579-1080.
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Art Homework 4/5
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