2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Karate HW due 4/5:

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PostSubject: Karate HW due 4/5:   Wed 30 Mar 2016, 12:06 pm

Due April 5th:
1.     Complete at least 30 military push-ups throughout the week. Don’t do them all at once. Break them into three different days. If you can do thirty at once, then do three sets of 30 this week (or however many you can do in one set.)
2.     Do 45 crunches throughout the week. Do the crunches the same days you do your push-ups.
3.     Practice your katas for 15 minutes. Practice with good form. Keep your form in your mind as you are practicing.  
4.     Use the photo of your high block to practice in the mirror this week. Use the picture to help you get into a good form. Then close your eyes and do several high blocks. Open your eyes and see if you have maintained good form while doing them. This is a great method to help you create good muscle memory.
5.     Use a mirror to practice your middle and low blocks as well. While you don’t have a picture for these two blocks, keep the following items in mind as you practice.
Middle Block:
·      The top of your fist should be at the top of your head, and just outside your face. (No wasted motion.)
·      Be sure to circle in front of your face as you do your middle block.
Low Block:
·      Your fist should come just past the center of your body. (If your fist is moving past your leg…you are blocking to far outside.)
·      Again, there should be circular movement in a low block as you move to block something that is coming into the body midline.
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Karate HW due 4/5:
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