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 Week 27 Homework Due 4/12

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PostSubject: Week 27 Homework Due 4/12   Mon 04 Apr 2016, 4:24 pm

** The vocab test will be available on ClassMarker from Friday,            April 8 to Sunday, April 10 at midnight. Be sure to write              the  to go with each vocabulary word.

** Read chapters 33-35 in Great Expectations.
     Cut and paste the questions at the bottom of this page into        a document and answer the questions.

** After your topic has been approved and you have a workable thesis statement, a topic outline must be emailed to me by Friday, April 8th, midnight.

** Research and take notes. For next week, you should have at 
     least 25 note cards. These are 3x5 cards with a full                    paragraph. One or two sentences will not count. 
Arrow When you take notes, be sure to paraphrase or write your notes in your own words. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!! I will be checking to make sure your sources are legitimate and that your work is original.

Great Expectations
Chapter XXXIII
1. Why has Estella come to London? 2. Why is Pip so full of misery after seeing her?
Vocabulary: “Moses in the bulrushes" is certainly a humorous way of describing the small quantity of butter in relationship to the surrounding parsely. In the Old Testament, Pharaoh's daughter discovers the infant Moses in a basket by the margin of the Nile River (Exodus II: 3-6).

      Chapter XXXIV
1. Why does Pip's life in London make things difficult for Herbert? 2. What Club did they join? What is the narrator's attitude towards this club?
Covent Garden = at the time, a disreputable part of London frequented at night by prostitutes.
Chapter XXXV
1. How does Mrs. Joe's death affect Pip? 2. Why does her death not bring Pip and Joe any closer together?
Vocabulary: “Mummery" is suggestive of play-acting, namely that the Victorian mourning rituals accompanying Mrs. Joe's funeral are farcical.
Chapter XXXVI
1. How do Pip's fortunes improve on his twenty-first birthday? 2. What does Pip still not find out?
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Week 27 Homework Due 4/12
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