2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Writing HW due SUNDAY, APRIL 10TH:

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PostSubject: Writing HW due SUNDAY, APRIL 10TH:    Mon 04 Apr 2016, 10:10 pm

Writing Homework #4 due SUNDAY, April 10th:
1.  Read the following for help, tips, & examples:
      a.  Ch. 13-From Notes to Rough Draft-p. 91-99
      b.  Ch. 14-Paraphrasing and Summarizing-p. 101-105
      c.  Ch. 15-Using Direct Quotation-p. 107-117
      d.  Ch. 16A-Parenthetical Documentation MLA-p. 119-124
2.  Organize NOTE CARDS under MAJOR TOPICS (based on your outline-make sure
      everything is in the proper order!)
      a.  # cards on the bottom right hand corner of each card
      b.  Put note cards numbered in order in a zip lock bag & place in your folder!
3.  Return to TOPIC OUTLINE (p. 45-48 / p. 183)
     a.     Fill in SUB-TOPICS under MAJOR TOPICS (be a little more detailed than you 
       you were the first time around…but still no full sentences; phrases only!)
1)   facts
2)   statistics (if appropriate)
3)   examples & details
4)   expert opinions & statements (exact quotes!)
      b.  Make any corrections & changes necessary-put re-typed copy of outline in your folder!
4.  PLEASE TYPE ROUGH DRAFT (nothing handwritten!)/EMAIL TO ME BY SUNDAY, 4/10 @ midnight!  If it is late, there will be 10 points taken off your grade! PLEASE…NO EXCUSES!
      a.  Type the BODY only  (your 3 main points of support for your thesis statement
            -obviously, you may have more than 3!)
      b.  DOUBLE-SPACE and use the font of 12 (p. 91-99)
      c.  Follow all directions on your rubric PRECISELY!
      d. TYPE OUT YES or NO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BODY OF YOUR RESEARCH PAPER if you read ALL of your chapters!
5.  Be sure to bring:

     a. note cards in a zip lock bag (so they don’t get lost and stay in order!)

     b. REVISED topic outline to the Bat Cave on next Tuesday, 4/12 so I can grade them!  PLEASE PUT THEM ALL IN FRONT SO I DON’T HAVE TO HUNT FOR THEM! Laughing
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Writing HW due SUNDAY, APRIL 10TH:
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