2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Karate HW due 4/12:

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PostSubject: Karate HW due 4/12:   Wed 06 Apr 2016, 12:56 pm

April 12th:
1.              Practice all of your katas on two separate occasions. Remember that if you get stuck on the new one, just stop.
2.              Complete 40 push ups throughout the week.
3.              Complete 45 sit ups throughout the week.
4.              Practice your offense and defense of all kisos that you know. #1.
5.              Review the following stances. Work on memorizing any that you don’t already know and then practice getting into each stance.
Masuba dachi – Formal bowing stance (heels together; toes at a 45 degree angle)
Heiko dachi – Ready stance (feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed forward)
Sheeko dachi – Outward circular stance (feet wide, toes pointed out, knees bent, weight evenly distributed)
Kiba dachi – Horse stance (feet wide, toes pointed straight ahead, knees bent, weight evenly distributed)
Hamni dachi – Lunge stance (this is the stance we use in body shifts when doing a lunge punch)
Zenkusta dachi – Forward stance (this is the stance you use throughout the First Basic kata.)
Have a great week…see you next Tuesday. J
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Karate HW due 4/12:
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