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 Extra Credit Science Project

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PostSubject: Extra Credit Science Project   Sun 10 Apr 2016, 7:29 pm

Extra Credit Science Project Guide                                   T. Vazquez, 2015-2016       
1.    Arrow First, your topic and question that will be answered through experimentation must be discussed with me to get approval.
2.    You should be starting your project and conducting your experiments after your topic has been approved. 
     Don’t procrastinate.
3.    Prepare a typed lab report detailing your project.
4.    It should include the following:
- Title
- Problem Statement or Question
- Research (Information you collect about your problem in order to make a hypothesis.)
- Hypothesis (Predict what the answer to your question will be based on the research   
   you did and explain why you predict a certain outcome.)
- Experiment:  List the materials and procedures used to conduct the experiment to
   test your hypothesis      
- Results and data of the experiment
- Conclusion: Evaluate the results of your tests to determine if your hypothesis was
   correct. Explain why or why not the results supported your hypothesis.
5.    Prepare to briefly present your project in class on Tuesday, May 10.

You may use either power point or a project board 
(poster board) as a visual aid for your presentation 
to show what you did and your results.
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Extra Credit Science Project
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