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 Week 28 Homework Due April 19

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PostSubject: Week 28 Homework Due April 19   Mon 11 Apr 2016, 1:38 pm

** The vocab test will be available on ClassMarker from Friday,              April 15 to Sunday, April 17 at midnight. Be sure to write a                sentence for each vocabulary word.            

** Read chapters 36-39 in Great Expectations.
     Cut and paste the questions at the bottom of this page into        
      a document and answer the questions.

** After your topic has been approved and you have a workable thesis statement, a topic outline must be emailed to me by Friday, April 8th, midnight.

** Research and take notes. For next week, you should have about
    40-50 note cards. These should be 3x5 cards with a full                    paragraph of information paraphrased.

Great Expectations Chapters 36-39 Questions
Chapter XXXVI
1. How do Pip's fortunes improve on his twenty-first birthday? 
2. What does Pip still not find out?
Chapter XXXVII
1. What plan does Wemmick propose for Pip's desire to help Herbert? 
2. What humorous touch concerning Wemmick is shown?
1. Why is Miss Havisham so pleased with Estella's behaviour? 
2. How does the success of Miss Havisham's teaching cause her grief? 
3. What happened to cause Pip even more pain in his pursuit of Estella?
Chapter XXXIX
1. Who is the strange visitor?
2. Why has he come?
3. What is Pip's reaction to this revelation

  • in regard to himself?

  • In regard to Estella?

  • In regard to Joe?

Vocabulary: “A Game One" is a lively, eager, daring fellow; Magwitch pronounces “vermin" (a repulsive creature such as a rat) “warmint," indicating his low-class speech.
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Week 28 Homework Due April 19
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