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 Homework due April 19

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PostSubject: Homework due April 19   Wed 13 Apr 2016, 1:07 pm

Please memorize the questions listed above the vocabulary Los familiares. Memorize the words for family members and the questions above the descriptive words (bajo, alto, etc.).
Page 69 - Read and translate the dialogue Una conversación.  Do Acitivy 3-1 Aclaración.
Page 70 - Study the Possessive Adjectives and read the explanations on how to use them in Spanish.
Page 71 - Do Acitivity 3-5 ¿La familia de quién?, 3-6 Nuestra clase and 3-7 ¿Cierto o falso?
Page 72 - Study the verbs tener (to have) and venir (to come).
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Homework due April 19
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