2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 HW Due 4/26/16

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PostSubject: HW Due 4/26/16   Tue 19 Apr 2016, 7:48 pm

  • log in to your quizlet account and DO the Linear Equations at least 3 times until you beat your or someone eles's score. Then do the test. DESELCT WRITTEN ON THE TEST.  Due Thursday by midnight. https://quizlet.com/class/2292035/

  • log in to your quizlet and do the Graphing Linear Equations. Do it at least 3 times, then take the TEST. Deselect WRITTEN.

Due by Friday midnight

  • Complete the pre-test

  • Make your own linear equation using a real life relationship between two things. For instance, I could say that movie tickets cost $7 each. The equation would be Cost=$7 times the number of Tickets

or C=7t. So if t=1, then C=$7; similarly,  if t=3, then C=$21
You could do Distance=50miles*hours or D=50h
If I can paint 2 room in a day, then Rooms=(2) x (days) or R=2d
Once you have decided on your equation, make a graph.
In the movie example, Cost would be the vertical or y, and number of tickets would be the horizontal or x.
In the painting example, Rooms would be y and number of days is x.
Your paper should include 3 things:
the example written in words
the eqaution
the graph
Make it neat and be ready to present it to the class on Tuesday. 20 points for creativity, 20 points for correct content, 20 points for neatness; 20 points for clear presentation.

My example:
1.Maya can paint 2 rooms in 1 day. How many rooms can she paint in a full week (7 days)?
2. equation:  Rooms=2 times number of days or R=2d
                    when d=7, I have R=2x7, so  R=14 rooms
3. graph: (my x/y axis with rooms as vertical and days as horizontal)

I know this may be confusing, so I will send an email with my example and a graph. You may email me with questions. Smile
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HW Due 4/26/16
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