2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework Due 4/26

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PostSubject: Art Homework Due 4/26   Tue 19 Apr 2016, 8:58 pm

Art Homework Due 4/26

Hey all,

Just a reminder that next week is when the Extra Credit Project is due! The good news is that we will be setting up our art displays during art class next week!  That is going to be very helpful for us. Be sure to bring everything that you need to set up your display. Here are a few reminders concerning the extra credit project:

1. Be sure to look over the paper I handed out about what I'm looking for in your extra credit project. This is worth a lot of points and attention to detail is very important!!! If you need clarity on anything let me know asap, waiting for class on Tuesday is way too late to be asking questions about it.

2.if you haven't showed me the 3 pieces of art that you have done on your own and you want to display it in the art show, take a picture of it and send it to me via email asap.

3.  if you are planning on displaying the painted sculpture that you just completed, don't forget to bring a small platform to set it on.

4. For the art work from art class this year you are planning on displaying, take the time to add to the work if I offered suggestions to you. Erase smudges, add color to it, or more value etc. Put your best foot forward on this, let your art be presented in the best light possible.


Deconstructed Book Sculpture

Take the time to go to last weeks post click on the links and view the book sculptures. There are some amazing looking book sculptures on those sites. Below are some links that feature book sculptures that are  somewhat closer to what we are doing with our books.


1. This project is an exercise in manipulating the pages as many ways as possible by folding, cutting, curling etc.

2. You can use scrapbook paper punchers and scissors if you have access to them, to help create visual interest. Glue can be used as well for features that need to be held in place.

3. You should have anywhere from 30 - 50 pages from the middle point of the book manipulated in a variety of ways.An equal amount of pages per side from the middle. Don't slice and dice randomly or be sloppy about the folding. Think it through and create some nice balance/symmetry with your work. You are welcome to do more than the specified number of pages for the assignment. The sculpture should look like it is exploding out of the middle of the book.

This project is not due next week, because we will be setting up the art displays, but if you complete it and want to include it in the art show you are welcome to do so. Be sure to figure out a way to display it, a table easel would work, but if you have a different idea that is fine too. If you complete it and just want to turn it in that is fine as well. Just bring it with you to class and you can work on it for what ever time we have left for class that day, if you are still working on it.


It is important that I receive all past due art projects! We are coming down to the last remaining weeks of school and I want to have all art work graded so I can post your grades as soon as school has ended. Be sure to check your email this week!

Bring your art supplies and sketchbooks next week as well as your items for the art display set up.  Have a great week!
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Art Homework Due 4/26
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