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 Week 30 Homework Due May 3

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PostSubject: Week 30 Homework Due May 3   Mon 25 Apr 2016, 1:34 pm

-- Study for the Vocab Test which will be available on ClassMarker from Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1, midnight.

-- Continue working on your Thesis Paper. If you need help, please don't wait--call, text or email ASAP. You only have a couple of more weeks to work on it. Remember, your rough draft is due no later than the last day of class!!!

-- Read Great Expectations, chapters 44-47 and answer the questions below:

Great Expectations

Ch. 44

1.Why does Miss Havisham lead Pip on to believe she was his benefactress?

2. What admission does Estella make to Pip?

3. What is Pip's reply?

Chapter 45

1. Why is it necessary to move Magwitch?
2. What does Wemmick advise Pip to get hold of?
Vocabulary: “Dover road" = road leading south to the port on the English Channel by which travellers made their way to France; “Divinely Righteous" = this satirical description of the four-post bedstead as a species of tyrant alludes to the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings espoused by the Stuart monarchs in the 17th c.; "Argus" = monster from Greco-Roman myth that possessed a hundred eyes, and therefore was never completely sound asleep but always on watch; “shoot the bridge" = pass rapidly under the dangerous narrow arches of Old London Bridge in a small boat at ebb tide on the Thames.
Chapter 46
1. Where is “Mr. Campbell" found by Pip?
2. Why is Pip to obtain a boat?
Vocabulary: “Double Gloucester" = an orange- coloured cheese named after a city in the west of England; “Old London Bridge" was torn down in 1843 to make way for a new bridge, since transferred brick by brick to Havasu City, Colorado.
Chapter 47
1.Why des Pip return Magwitch's unopened pocket book?
2. Who sits behind Pip at the theatre?
Vocabulary: “swab" = clumsy fellow; a term used by sailors to denigrate co-workers, originally pertaining to the labourer who mopped the ship's deck, from Dutch nautical term “zwabber."

Chapter 48

1. Who does Pip feel Molly to be?

2. What reasons does he have for his suspicions?

3. What sort of husband does Jaggers think The Spider would be to Estella?

4. The phrase “over the broomstick" means “not legally married," and implies a common-law marriage. Who are the people who were “married" in this informal manner?

5. Hounslow Heath, about twelve miles west of London, was a maze of footpaths: What event transpired there?
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Week 30 Homework Due May 3
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