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 Homework due May 3, 2016

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PostSubject: Homework due May 3, 2016   Wed 27 Apr 2016, 11:49 am

* Prepare for our Socratic seminar (on MAY 3rd). I will be choosing discussion topics from the list of seminar questions that was handed out in class today. You will need to be prepared to discuss any/all of the questions on that list. NOTE: you may disregard question #17.
  NOTE: you will receive an email from me by Thursday morning containing some more information and tips to help you prepare for the Socratic seminar. 

* Complete your test over The Crucible. Things to review before you take your test: 
     - Vocabulary. The full list of all vocab with definitions is in the packet that has the Arthur Miller biography on the first page. 
     - The Arthur Miller biography
     - The background information about the Red Scare and the         McCarthy trials
     - Elements of drama
     - Characters. Know the characters, their relationships with each other, their character traits, actions and motivations. 
     - Plot. Be able to summarize the events of the play. Reviewing your comprehension and analysis questions for each act is a good way to do this. You might also want to check out websites such as http://www.shmoop.com/crucible/  and http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/crucible/

Please set aside time to complete your test in one sitting. Do not use any aids while completing your test. The test is designed to take approximately one hour to complete, but that is approximate. Some of us our slower test takers and may need more time. There is no time limit, but again, please complete your test in one sitting if at all possible. 

* The Crucible character diary project is due on May 10th.

* Check Engrade. If you have any missing assignments, you need to hand them in on May 3rd. I will not accept any late assignments after May 3rd unless your parents have contacted me because of extenuating circumstances to make other arrangements. 

Have a great week. We're almost there... Let's finish strong!
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Homework due May 3, 2016
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