2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework 2/9

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PostSubject: Art Homework 2/9   Tue 02 Feb 2016, 7:19 pm

Art Homework due 2/9

For next week:

1. All 2 point perspective worksheets and the 2 point perspective fantasy city should be turned in by 2/9! Be sure to include the rough draft of the fantasy city and the rubric that goes with this project!

2. If you want to redo your 2 point perspective fantasy city, you are welcome to do it, but I need to hear from you otherwise I will assume that the grade you received, you are happy with.

3. Be sure to bring your completed kaleidoscope tessellation. We will put those together in class next week.

4. If you didn't finish the questions from the video posted in last weeks homework or visit MC Escher's website, complete those and bring them next week. These questions are worth 10 points.

5. Here are a couple of you tube videos about tessellations.

6. Complete the tessellation that we started in class. I've got a link that you can refer to for reference if you need to review what we went over in class.  I realize that we moved pretty fast through that info, The instructions for your assignment is on the website for you to look at.


You will see a pattern emerge as you trace the template over and over. If you are not then you need to think about how it worked with just a simple triangle. The same principle applies with the one you cut and made a template out of. Be sure to line up the shape with the ones before it, beside it and beneath it. No overlapping or gaps of space between your figures.Your shapes may run off the page at the edges. Once you have cover the entire paper, figure out what the shape of your tessellation looks like. Does it look like something else? If it does you can add some details as long as it is consistently the same in your  design. You can see some examples of student work on the website. The goal of this project is pattern and repetition. It should be shown in your repeated shapes and in color patterns. Fill in your design with color. Use colored pencils and go bold with the color! Do your best work, you are going to be graded on this work.

7.Bring your sketchbooks, notebooks, pencils, scissors, color pencils, erasers, glue and rulers.

If you have any questions or have any problems getting to websites let me know.
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Art Homework 2/9
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