2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Karate HW due 2/9:

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PostSubject: Karate HW due 2/9:   Wed 03 Feb 2016, 12:36 pm

Due February 9th:
1.     Practice all the katas you know on three different days. Start with First Basic. Then Pinan Nidan. Yellow belts…stop at the point where you don’t know any more. Blue belts, practice Pinan Shodan as well. Again, stop when you get stuck.
2.     Practice all the body shifts you know. Forward punch, kick, forward punch, lunge punch, kick, lunge punch. Be sure to practice in Gyaku-tsuki (reverse punch) as well. Here are a few notes to remember when you practice that body shift:
a.     The first move is still to turn the heel of your front foot, just like all the other body shifts you have learned.
b.     The next step is to move the back foot to the front, placing it on a diagonal line with your foot that is now in back
c.      Rotate and punch, fueling the punch from the power you get in the rotation of your hips.
Do the best you can. We’ll work more on that next Tuesday.
3.     Go through all moves of your kisos, both offense and defense. I want to keep that fresh.
4.     Complete 20 push-ups on three separate days.
5.     Complete 25 crunches on three separate days.
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Karate HW due 2/9:
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