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 Week 26 Homework Due April 5

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Week 26 Homework Due April 5 Empty
PostSubject: Week 26 Homework Due April 5   Week 26 Homework Due April 5 EmptyTue 29 Mar 2016, 1:36 am

Due April 5.

Watch the following YouTube videos this week:


Then, write an essay about the time period of the Roaring 1920's prosperity through the late 1930's Great Depression. It should be organized and at least 5 paragraphs. This is due on April 5th. Be sure to include interesting facts from the videos, not just the typical things people generally know about the time period. I want to read your essay and KNOW you watched the videos and learned something from them. This is worth 200 points!!
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Week 26 Homework Due April 5
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