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 Week 28 Homework Due 4/19

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Week 28 Homework Due 4/19 Empty
PostSubject: Week 28 Homework Due 4/19   Week 28 Homework Due 4/19 EmptyMon 11 Apr 2016, 10:56 pm

Study for chapter 14 test. There is ALOT of information on this chapter so we will take 2 weeks to prepare. Today, we went over the Study Guide in class.  However, the test will be not be available on Class Marker until Thursday, April 21- midnight Sunday, April 24th. 

The extra week will also give you more time to work on your projects...'

Continue working on your projects. This is a BIG chunk of your 
second semester grade worth 250 points total. Do not procrastinate beginning. If you need help planning or executing your power point, let me know. I am here to help.
If you have not yet given me your project proposal, you are already behind. Get the to me asap! It's worth 25 points.
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Week 28 Homework Due 4/19
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